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North Central Trade Training Centre 

The NCTTC provides specialise Vocational Education and Training for students in years 9 to 12 in the fields of Agriculture, Animal Studies, Automotive, Building & Construction, Engineering, Music, Hair, Beauty, Sport & Recreation, Community Services, Hospitality and Health.

Opened in 2014 the NCTTC is based in Charlton and is in partnership with eight local schools (Boort District School, Charlton P-12 College, Donald High School, East Loddon P-12, Pyramid Hill P-10 College, St. Arnaud Secondary College, Wedderburn P-12 College and Wycheproof P-12 College).


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Following 15 months of construction Mr Andrew Broad MP, Member for Mallee officially opened the NCTTC at the Charlton College Campus on Thursday 11th September 2014. This heralds a new and exciting era of education for Charlton and Network communities. The opening was followed by a tour of the facilities and a light luncheon. Classes at NCTTC commenced on Monday 4th October 2014.
A successful NCTTC application was announced in December 2011. The NCTTC includes the construction of a commercial kitchen, hairdressing facility, allied health facility, agriculture facility, automotive workshop, construction workshop and engineering workshop, the refurbishment of six existing facilities and also the provision of equipment across seven sites within the cluster. It will deliver Certificate I, II and III qualifications in aged care, agriculture, allied health, automotive, construction, engineering, hairdressing and hospitality to address skills shortages in these areas.

The facility is located at Charlton College in Davies Street Charlton and replaces the current North Central Cluster facility.


The facility provides a significant boost for education in our local communities whereby it guarantees rural students having access to modern facilities and equipment to undertake courses in areas of local skills shortages.

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Charlton College International Student Program


Charlton College is an accredited secondary school for international students. The College is currently accredited till June 2016. The College is seeking expressions of interest from families that are interested in being a host family for the duration of the students stay.

The homestay experience is an excellent way for students to improve their English, learn more about Australian culture and make the most of their international education experience. Homestay accommodation is to be of high quality and provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment.

Homestay is full board accommodation offered by a family, couple or single person for which a set, weekly fee is charged. This fee covers expenses associated with hosting an international student but is not intended as a source of income.

The preferred homestay arrangement is where students are compatible and are not from the same language background.

Homestay host parents and third parties must reside in the same residence as the students.


Homestay services include provision of:

• A single bedroom for the student’s exclusive use

• Three meals a day, seven days a week

• Facilities including a bed, wardrobe, towels and linen

• Gas, electricity, heating and water

• Cleaning services of common living areas

• Use of living areas within residence

• Study facilities, including a desk, study light and bookcase


Host families are encouraged to assist the student’s cultural adjustment and support their community and social integration. Australian families with children attending the same school provide an opportunity for the student to develop social relationships and shared experiences that strengthen the homestay relationships and valued cultural experience.


For further information about the homestay program contact the Principal, Kelvin Baird, at the College.

Flexible Learning Options (FLO)

North Central Principal’s Cluster Flexible Learning Options (FLO) Program is managed by Charlton College.  Students who attend the program must be enrolled in a school within the North Central Principal’s Network. 

The FLO program is designed for students 15-19yrs who are wanting to re-engage with education or who are struggling to maintain a regular attendance at school. 

The FLO program is supported by the North Central Local Learning and Employment Network (NCLLEN) and the Buloke Loddon L2P (Learner to Provisional) Program. 

Depending on the young person’s educational needs, students can incorporate; VET, VCAL, VCE, regular school, TAFE and work placements into their week. 

Once a student is enrolled in the FLO program students will be provided with individual learning plans, accredited learning opportunities, pathways planning and access to health and well-being support. 


To know more about the FLO program and the referral process please contact Tanya Watts on 0407 264 651 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









Charlton Traffic Safety Education Centre


new car2016

 2016 - New car from the Charlton Community Bank


- The track is 1 km, 700m sealed and the rest gravel. It features operating traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, hill crest, roundabout and parking bays.

- 4 vehicles are used for the program, 2 are manual sedans and 2 are automatic.


 The complex offers a variety of programs:

 •1 day short course

 •2 day program

 •3 or 4 day program

 •Night driving programs are part of the course if desired.


 The core program is targeted at Year 10 students, most who are pre learner drivers (L’s)

The other main program caters for VCAL students, most who have their L’s.


From 2002 through to 2014 between 700 to 1000 students each year undertook pre-driver training at Charlton.

  Traffic Lights at CHARTSEC



In-car skills:

- Depending on the length of the program the following skills can be covered:

- Cabin Drill, moving off, Steering, Braking

- Road position, Left and right turn, gear change, observation

- U Turn, Reversing

- Convoy Drive, Gear Change, Roundabout

- Angle park and hill start

- Overtaking, cornering lines, gear change

- Parallel park and 3 point turn

- Night Driving and negotiating traffic lights

- For programs of 2 or more days a practical test can be included


 driverofyear2016 s

2016 - Students from Cluster at the Driver of the Year competition at METEC in Melbourne


Theory sessions

There is now a big emphasis on attitudes to driving in the theory component.

Depending on the length of the program the following theory can be covered:

- Road toll statistics

- Steering and system of car control

- Traffic rules and regulations and signs

- Lane positioning, U turns and 3 point turns

- Observation and planning, highway and freeway driving

- Overtaking and cornering

- Alcohol and drugs

- Night driving

- For programs of 2 or more days a theory test ( similar to the L’s theory test ) can be included.


new tv2016 s

2016 - New TV from Skeeta Grimshaw motorcycle Club


Other Programs Offered By CHARTSEC 

- Driving programs for adult migrants new to the country.

- Individual driving programs through Employment agencies.

- L2P - provision of professional lessons and housing of the L2P car at CHARTSEC.






Download: Driver Ed Brochure for 2017


Download: Prices for 2017




Contact Details:

Manager: Mr John Harley  


Phone: 03 5491 1593

Mobile: 0418 529 718

Fax: 03 5491 1589


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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